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Live Webinar: RadiMation® - one Software for all EMC Devices 25.09.2025 - 10:00 AM

Webinar Radi Mation
Date / Time:
25.09.2023 at 10:00 AM CET
Duration:approx. 45 min.
Presenter:John de Rooij, Senior Software Engineer, Raditeq
Markus Fuhrer, EMC Product Manager, Emitec Industrial

Free of Charge


Complex EMC systems are often controlled with one software. Usually the device manufacturers deliver control software with the devices, which leads to the fact that the user has to install several software. Radimation is a universal control software from Raditeq, which controls practically all EMC devices available on the market. EMC users, who also want to generate a report, get a tool which creates the reports according to a uniform philosophy.

Webinar Content:

What is RadiMation

  • Short history of RadiMation
  • which test devices are supported, device drivers
  • What EMC tests (standards) can be tested with RadiMation

Typical setups for

  • Emission measurements: EMC halls, GTEM Cell, conducted emission.
  • Immunity: Radiated, GTEM Cell, conducted RF with CDN, EM clamp and BCI
  • Pulsed Immunity: EFT-burst, surge, ESD, Voltage-dips-and-interrupts

Report functions within RadiMation:

  • Functions in report, export to Word, Excel etc.
  • Insertion of measurement data, graphics and tables
  • header design with logo and company data
  • Exporting (graph-)data

What information does Raditeq need for installation of the RadiMation Software?

  • Software options for RadiMation
  • Requirements of the RadiMation software
  • Where to contact for buy RadiMation ( Emitec Industrial, Switzerland)

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